Charles Berling (“Frozen”): his only son, Emile, is a future film star

Entertainment 10 January, 2017

Tonight on M6, Charles Berling plays captains vaccinated against the worst human being in the series Glossy . In the city, it is above all a proud father and all moved by Emile, 26 years, his only son.
The one next to the other, Charles (58) and Emile (26 years) are not alike. Yet the father and the son now share the same trade: actor. The only son of the hero of the series Frozen has launched in the footsteps of his father eight years ago, at his pace. Slowly but surely, first by the numbers, then passing castings, and the first try Emile Berling was taken.
It was for the lead role of The high walls , released in cinemas in 2008. Since then, the young man went on camera cream French directors François Ozon Erick Zonca through Bertrand Blier. Today ‘hui we find alongside Patrick Bruel in a bag of balls just out to the movies.
A journey that filled Charles with pride. Yet father and son n ‘have not always had easy relations “one s ‘ is not bad frits” concedes Emile. “But it was worth fighting,” adds the father, who returns only recently. Emile thanked him for the education he had received and the values ​​he had conveyed to him.
Rest they remain very different: if Charles is theater, his offspring do not like the boards, and if the first is rather Rugby and Toulon Rugby Club, the second is downright soccer fan and PSG. One turns to green tea, the other to Coca, one imagines who. But where they really are (before perhaps joining one day on a set of shooting …) it’s about traveling. Both love to take off at the first opportunity. Like father, like son !
The full paper is from this portrait is to be found in Gala to appear in kiosks on January 11, 2017.