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It has often been said to be fragile. She is a survivor, who has been close to death and overcome many tragedies. Live without, but living with: this is the theme of the first extract of his new album. Beautiful and shocking at once…

Rest, as ” rests “. In English, as in French, there is ambivalence, see a triple reading of the word : the idea that our dead no longer have to suffer, but also that they can rest in peace, without the fear that they are forgotten, because they “remain” in us. It is in all cases the title of the new single from Charlotte Gainsbourg, which was unveiled on 8 September and as a prelude to a self-titled album in stores on November 17.

Rest, like a gentle obsession, death, tamed… ” Take me the hand, please / Don’t let me me fly / stay with me, please / Don’t let me forget you… ” On a delicate lullaby composed by Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, half of Daft Punk, the daughter of Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg sings the mourning, or, rather, the survival with its ghosts, the memories and peaceful coexistence. The voice is fragile. The lyrics are powerful. Hard not to think about the disappearance of her half-sister, the photographer Kate Berry, who fell out of a window, in December 2013, or to that of his father, Serge, party, smoke angels, there are twenty-six years.

For the actress, the more of forward flight.Based in New York, with Yvan Attal and their children after the death of Kate, because Paris had become ” unlivable “ without it, Charlotte also unable to collect on the tomb of his father, too busy for years – not whispers, not only to the ear of his ghosts, just as it did to his father, still alive, on the tube Lemon Incest. It is also difficult to his fears the more visceral.

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On the cover of his fifth album, the true false ” cheeky “, finally uninhibited, laying the hair in battle and jean jacket on my shoulders, as during the promotion of the film of Claude Miller, in 1985. If the names of SebastiAn, Owen Pallett, Connan Mockasin, and even Paul McCartney are credited in the booklet of the album, it provides and assume, this time, the writing of the eleven titles. In English… but in French, the language that it is defended to approach, for fear of not honouring the genius in the paternal line.

The cover of the album REST of Charlotte Gainsbourg to be released on 17 November and the tracklisting finally unveiled !

Charlotte Gainsbourg (@iheartcharlotte) September 8, 2017

She also signs the teaser video of his first single. Approached, the director Lars Von Trier, who made the scene in Antichrist, Melancholia and Nymphomaniac, encouraged her to make her first steps as a producer, to draw in personal archives, but also to film his own plans.

Far from being morbid, the Rest is an ode to the life that continues, absent which guide the steps, what one remembers and what one wants to leave. For evidence, the presence of the two daughters of Charlotte, Alice, 14, and Joe, 6 years old, in his promotional clip. Two sisters, who are reminiscent of two other…

VIDEO : Short extract of “REST” by Charlotte Gainsbourg, from her new album, a song written by Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo of Daft Punk

Charlotte Gainsbourg (@iheartcharlotte) September 8, 2017

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