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Entertainment 24 September, 2017


In an interview with the magazine VogueCharlotte Gainsbourg comes to evoke the tragic disappearance of her sister Kate Barry, who died four years ago. A drama that has ruled the writing of his latest album, Rest.

December 11, 2103, Kate Barry decided to put an end to his days, at the age of 46, by jumping from the 4th floor of its building in the 16th arrondissement of Paris. A tragedy that occurred while her sister, Charlotte Gainsbourg, four years his junior, embarked on the writing of a new album titled Rest. A new album which will be released on 17 November, almost four years after the disappearance of the daughter of Jane Birkin and composer John Barry. A disappearance that if she was devastated that the muse of Serge Gainsbourg, has also left Charlotte Gainsbourg, in the throes of a sorrow. A pain in which it comes back in a long interview with Vogue magazine. She entrusts the emotion flower of voice : “When I lost my sister, I had already started work on the album and there was a species of evidence : I could not write about anything else. It was all around her now. It has crystallized the writing, that made it possible. I hope that I have not used it, that I have not served my sentence, but it is this that has allowed me to write “.


An interview in which she explains how her big sister has received full whip in his young age, the eyes cruel cynics : “I had both my parents who loved each other, and this makes a big difference and you’re sitting in something very comforting. I was small enough to not be struck by their side and sulphurous, so that Kate was bigger and that she has suffered. At age 7, covers of magazines, I didn’t care completely while Kate, who was 11 years old, was already a young girl. I built myself a shield. I always heard : ‘Your father is a drug addict, your mother is a whore’, but I was not because there was such a difference with the reality… of course, my father drank, but it was still very far from what people imagined. “


New confidences made with the same delicacy as those given in 2015 by the magazine Itwas shortly after that Charlotte Gainsbourg has decided to move to New York : ” I think of it all the time. All the time. It is me also who wants to do it live, everything is in reference to it. I had done the same at the death of my father, I was watching everything through his eyes. If Kate has loved a thing, I want to know. Paris was unbearable without it. When I went back home, I was a street away from where we grew up together. At the same time, I am happy that it is marked by its presence, it makes it alive. You know, before, I never did it to the cemetery on the grave of my father. There were always so many people, this was not an intimate moment. Well now, there, I have my little journey : my father, my father-in-law and my sister. “explained she.

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