Charlotte Valandrey evokes the person who transmitted AIDS

Entertainment 6 December, 2016

More than 30 years after being infected with HIV, the Charlotte Valandrey actress returns to the identity of his former partner and admits to having him pardoned.

charlottevalandreyAt the age of 17, Charlotte Valandrey was diagnosed with HIV . Who hoped that repress the boards and play the comedy , is on tour for his play My buddy is a woman like any other . Author, she also discounted for his fifth book, Bombay my love , including the passionate story set in India. She says in fact the journey of a young woman infected with the virus of “viva”, accompanying India freshly separated friend of President … A barely concealed autobiography if one remembers his trip with Valerie Trierweiller in 2014.
For France Sunday , she confided to her novel and the sudden revelation of heroin during a retreat. ” I forgive you ! ” Can we read in the pages of the novel. And the actress confirmed that this revelation is not pure fiction. “I forgive the person I contaminated” she said. But out of the question for Charlotte Valandrey to say more and to disclose the identity of that partner. “I can not say who he was. I would have problems. ” A mystery that the actress has always sought to keep for he is far from Mr. everyone but it is a famous rock star.
At 49, Charlotte Valandrey is finally at peace and his health has improved. An additional opportunity to review the importance of treatment of HIV. “Today, if one is treated well, if we take seriously his medication and the load of the virus is undetectable, as is the case for me, it is no longer a danger to his sexual partners. I became ‘sero-harmless’! ” . A strong message to the younger generation, at a time when Rihanna and Prince Harry are publicly track to help the fight against AIDS.