Charlotte Valandrey: “I never made love like that, without you AIDS”

Entertainment 5 December, 2016

The actress and novelist is about to write a new page in his life!
Charlotte Valandrey has made a great decision! The actress and novelist, back in bookstores with Mumbai my love , does not want to talk about AIDS. Have HIV since his youth by a man now dead , she recently revealed no longer be contagious . It confirms.

charlotte-valandrey-soiree-du-emeOn 2 December, on his Facebook page, Charlotte Valandrey has made a big announcement with a long poignant message. ” Ciao AIDS! For the last time I spoke with AIDS, on the plateau Grand Journal this week. It is companies that do leave. I am with you for 30 years. For the time that I However, I leave you today, I dropped you. I vogue. I’ll never say your name. you exist in me, you’re undetectable. When this white man standing far behind his glass desk I confirmed what was written in this crumpled letter, I was promised me one day I’ll quit. I won my bet and I lost a lot too. I have the safe life and the wounded heart . It’s time to win now, planting kisses, pick this love that eludes me from you. If you still exist in my life, it is in the memory of others, the remains of their fear. So I proclaims I shout, the cry, the laugh, I’m not HIV positive, I SERO-HARMLESS. I can not convey that joy , “she proclaims.
And Charlotte Valandrey, now aged 48, added: ” I write not to you, one word in my last book I even changed your name VIVA I only write about.. love my new fight on hope as always, which is tinged with another couleur.J’écris on sex, ruptures, laughter, life, orgasm with a stranger in the humid heat of Bombay on the roof of the palace above the slums … at night, everything looked like rhinestone belt … He knew nothing about me. I did not have to say anything, just shout my pleasure, free to love enfin.Je had never made love like that, without you AIDS in the back of my head without your shadow unfolded on my body. I’ll say it again, one last time, with the strength of my fallen brothers, the rage that I missed and faith in what I experienced, ciao AIDS, VIVA life! Charlotte. “