Charmed: A prequel to the cult series coming on the CW?

Cinema 5 January, 2017

The American channel The CW is in the process of developing a prequel of the 90s cult series, Charmed!

What if Charmed was back? It is not the first time in recent years that rumors are running on the possible revival of the cult series of the 2000s, but this time it is different. The last time it was that CBS had finally decided not to offer to reboot Charmed Series Brad Kern , which had disappointed many fans. Today is the CW stimulus that discussion, but this time it is no more of a reboot, but a prequel . The series would then tell what was happening long before the Halliwell sisters inherited their powers. Jennie Snyder Urman are and Brad Silverman, who work for the series Jane The Virgin , who are behind the project and who would then tell the story of three witches in the 70/80 years in New England. These three women would then possibly be the direct ancestors of the Halliwell sisters from the Warren lineage, known to be extremely powerful in the Charmed series.
When you know the critical success of Jane The Virgin and the quality of the show, we say that this project has everything to succeed. In addition, the pilot of the series will be written by Amy Rardin and Jessica O’Toole who was responsible for writing several episodes of The Carrie Diaries , the prequel to Sex and The City distributed by The CW. Will the CW then decide to develop the series for next season? With the end of the series The Vampire Diaries, whose season 8 is the latest , the CW ‘s best interest to find a strong concept for replacement. We will certainly have the answer at the time of the Upfronts. Moreover, it is a prequel, we can say goodbye to the presence of Alyssa Milano, Shannen Doherty, Holly Marie Combs and Rose McGowan again – albeit magic there would be many means of their Make some appearances, right? What do you think ?