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Entertainment 24 January, 2018


When it is a question of the party, the Republicans, The socialists, Nicolas Sarkozy is never far away. Withdrawn from political life since his failure at the primary of the right and centre, the former head of State, yet it always seems to work behind the scenes. Young elected LR admiring, he found a small nick.

Omnipresent during his presidential mandate, Nicolas Sarkozy is more rare in the media since his failure at the primary of the right and centre. But the former head of the State has not abandoned the policy . According to our colleagues of Figaro, the former president of the Republic, had lunch Tuesday, January 23 at the for the Purpose, a restaurant located very near to the Elysée palace, with a dozen of young people elected The Republicans.

A meeting that does not appeal really to some barons of the right. “Sarkozy, he would need to move on to something else, it hangs up really,” said a relative who had previously supported the primary right and centre. In effect, by his presence behind the scenes, Nicolas Sarkozy could overshadow Laurent Wauquiez, freshly elected head of the Republicans.

All the more that the young people elected seems to continue to see him as the big man of the party. They even found a nickname, that goes to show how the former head of State is still inevitable within the right. “ With friends young parliamentarians, he was nicknamed the father, a distortion of PR, the president of the Republic,” has entrusted one of them. A nickname that would no doubt make many smile the person concerned, much less the new boss of the Republicans who has struggled to find its place within a party increasingly divided.

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