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Entertainment 13 December, 2017


Awarded two Oscars for best actor, considered one of the greatest comedians hollywood the last few decades, Tom Hanks revealed this week to be a long-time fan of the ‘ French Johnny Hallyday.

World famous… in France, more respected abroad by his fellow musicians as by the crowds, Johnny Hallyday is never really established itself in the United States. If the majority of the citizens of Uncle Sam, therefore, is moved to the side of the national treasure that it was, some of our transatlantic cousins still managed to discern the undeniable talent that emanated from the French star. Among these few fans English is Tom Hanks. Surprising as it may seem, the actor doubly oscar-winning, today considered a living legend of the 7th art, has just revealed to the swiss newspaper in The Morning to be a fan of Johnny Hallyday for decades.

It was during an interview in the framework of the promotion of his new feature film, Pentagon Papers (in cinemas on February 28, 2018), that the hollywood actor has paid tribute to the memory of the singer. Saying that it was very ” sad ” at the news of the disappearance of Johnny, Tom Hanks explained to be “fallen on one of his clips there is quite a few years ago. I’ve been fascinated by this artist who deserved his nickname of Elvis Presley French.” Back in the 70s, Tom Hanks begins to listen to the idol of the young. Aware that the strength of the texts eludes him, the French is not his language of choice, the actor explains, to fall under the spell of the rocker thanks to ” his harmonies and his voice so special “. Over the years, it accumulates and the disks of his idol. ” I have lots of albums of him home with me, ” he confirms today. I also have several albums of Johnny on my iPad that I listen to regularly. “

The link between Tom Hanks and Johnny Hallyday is even stronger that the two men have become friends, even if they do not see as often as they would have wished. Tom Hanks remembers perfectly his first meeting with the Taulier. “It will forever remain etched in my memory, he says. I was with my wife in a restaurant and I leaned toward her to say: ‘I believe that the guy who is eating at the table behind you is Johnny Hallyday’. I then stood to go talk to him and tell him how much I liked his songs “. The respect is mutual. Johnny, in true movie buff, immediately recognizes Hanks that he also considers as one of his favorite actors. A link is created. Especially as, shortly after, the two men became neighbors. “His property is literally at the bottom of my street, in the neighborhood of Pacific Palisades, in Los Angeles,” confirms the actor. Thus, when he was on the spot, Johnny Hallyday liked to spend a drink at the comedian. Visits are rare but precious for the two men. Today, Tom Hanks does not feed only one regret about the ‘ disappeared: “I would have loved to be his partner in a film. Millions of fans know the singer, the showman, the rocker, but I can tell you that he was also a brilliant comedian. I would have loved that we are proposing a common project.”

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