Chemsex : a risky sexual practice

Health 22 July, 2017


Published the 22.07.2017 to 14h27


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The chemistry of love can intoxicate us. But mixing the two can have serious consequences. It is to denounce this mode that David Stuart has decided to warn people.
This former escort-boy, drug user, he has even given a name : the chemsex, a contraction of chemical and sex. The practice of having sexual intercourse under the effect of psychotropic medications.

The use of methamphetamine, mephedrone or GBL, ” causes, according to this London, a disinhibition of sexual emotions “. And contributes to the spread of HIV, mainly in the homosexual community. “The drugs are part of our culture, whether we like it or not,” says the one who now heads a program to help lovers of chemsex.

The vicious circle of the drug

“Every day,” he explained to AFP, thirty people come to see us to have been potentially exposed to HIV during sex without a condom or sharing needles “. According to David Stuart, 60 to 80% of these people would have been exposed under the influence of these products. Worse, a gay person dies every 12 days in GBL in England, he says.

Beyond the risk of contamination, the activist denounces the danger of the use of these drugs. The addiction contributes to désocialiser consumers and to keep them away from the family circle. And, in extreme cases, violent behaviour.

In 2016, Stephen Port has been sentenced to life imprisonment for having murdered four men during a series of chemsex between 2014 and 2015.