Cherbourg : the gp sentenced for his comments about the disabled

Health 11 July, 2017


Published the 11.07.2017 at 14h58


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A Six-month ban, three of them with relief. The College of physicians of Basse-Normandie has strongly reacted to the remarks of Dr. Jean-François Pion, a general practitioner of Cherbourg, which has, according to his room-disciplinary, made statements ” contrary to the respect for human life, the person and his dignity, as well as the principle of morality “.

He was tried for having defended “the final solution” applied to people with disabilities. The facts date back to the 21st January last, according to the newspaper Liberation. The regional Agency of Health (ARS) Normandy had asked for its cancellation

Final Solution

The Order had just been contacted by the ARS, including the director, had expressed “serious doubts” about the ability of the practitioner to continue to take care of disabled people.

Depending on the version of a nurse, who reported these remarks to the regional Agency of health, the man would have shared, for 40 minutes, his opinion as to the final solution applied by the nazis to homosexuals and the disabled.

In the office of the nurses home specialist (MAS) of the ice-cream (Neck), he would have explained to this day that ” the nazis took the people that did absolutely nothing in the society “, adding that the experiments conducted on them allowed them to be ” useful “.

A defence shaky

“If we talk in an intellectual way, it is logical “, would have felt the gp, which would have also explained they do not understand “leave” the disabled “reproduce themselves” so that sterilization would be ” a good thing “. “Sometimes a good shot of cyanide and voila ! “he reportedly said.

The defence of the accused is also a disorder that its about. Without denying the connection, it was attempted to minimize their scope, by advancing the “quiet culprit” of the nurse who had left déblatérer, that he had interpreted as a ” provocation forced “. Her lawyer has also tried to argue the private office of nurses, which has not moved beyond measure the house of discipline.

Refusing to comment, Dr. Pion has reiterated that other procedures were in progress. The gp is indeed in the sights of civil justice, the prosecutor of Cherbourg is being seized of the matter.