Cheryl Pregnant Liam Payne, an ex-Harry Styles will be surprised by the baby’s first name;)

While Cheryl’s pregnancy is confirmed, Liam Payne already knows how to call the future baby
Cheryl is pregnant with Liam Payne and they officialize together: Cuckoo the HUGE Baby Bump! The two stars will soon be parents. The Directors are eager to have details on this pregnancy but the couple remains very discreet. Yet Liam Payne has already betrayed herself before Cheryl gets pregnant. He revealed how he would like to call his first child in an interview in the past for KRB Radio ! The singer said: “I like the first name Taylor. That’s what I’ll call my first baby if I have children. ” It’s Taylor Swift who will be happy if Cheryl agrees to keep that name for the future baby. Before knowing the final choice, the fans will have to be patient because the couple wants to keep their privacy. Liam Payne and Cheryl are CLASHED for pregnancy, a member of the singer’s family says stop to the haters! Do you like the name Taylor for the future baby?

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