Chicago Fire Season 4: Episode 6 new test for Dawson in the synopsis and promo video!

Cinema 17 November, 2016

Next week, NBC will broadcast episode 6 of season 4 Chicago Fire, which is revealed through its synopsis and promo video!

chicago-fire-saison-5-poster-diffusionA new test! As we will discover this evening on the NBC network, the Fall Finale Chicago PD, with episodes 7 and 8 of Season 4, where Antonio Dawson leaves the intellect, as we indicated in the synopsis and promo video , adventure Chicago Fire continues! So, next week, we discover episode 6 titled “That Day” . As we see in the promo video, trouble comes to Dawson. This will reverse a man while she was driving the ambulance, but things will not stop there, since the victim will complain and claim 5 million to the barracks and 1 million directly to Dawson! It now remains whether the man will go to court or if our heroine will manage to get out of this bad patch.
To learn a little more, the synopsis tells us that . “While responding to a call on the field, Dawson accidentally hit a pedestrian who walked past the ambulance and must face the consequences and Lieutenant Casey Lieutenant Severide disagree and continue to investigate a case of arson while Boden leader must decide whether to take an important function in New York. Furthermore, hoping to prepare for possible promotion Lieutenant Casey Herrmann puts at the head of the team for working so he can discover for himself what his superiors face ” . Recently, we informed you that a marriage could take place between Dawson and Casey in season 5 Chicago Fire! What do you expect after Chicago Fire?
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