Chicago Fire Season 5: Casey Dawson and finally a wedding for the couple?

Cinema 10 November, 2016

While Season 5 Chicago Fire has had a little break, should we expect a wedding between Dawson and Casey?

chicago-fire-saison-5-photoLove love love! Because of the US presidential election, we have not discovered this week on NBC, the episode 5 of season 5 Chicago Fire, for which we dévoilions synopsis and the promo video . However, Monica Raymond (Dawson) made the news of the series since in a recent interview, she said that fans should expect a nice change for the couple that his character form with Casey! so marriage is near? The actress said: “Now, Casey and I are really committed to each other and we feel like a family, so I think we will see some truly amazing stories for both of them, we are truly committed one. with each other in a way that the fans should be excited . ” This is not the first time a marriage is thus tease since Jesse Spencer (Casey) recently said . “I do not know if it will happen this season, but I know it’s behind the scenes If marriage takes place, it certainly will not be a marriage, because it does not correspond to Dawson and Casey. ”

With such statements, marriage seems on the horizon, also the executive producer of Chicago Fire , Derek Haas, said that a marriage between Dawson and Casey would be in season 5, but the actors still teaser rumors alluding to a formal union between the fire department. now we have to wait for the time of the marriage, or the union between our heroes . Derek Haas means in this context that “Casey took a very conscious decision at the end of last season to return to Dawson and we want to explore as a couple. Not necessarily as a married couple, but as a couple with a child in their lives, and must explore the challenges of being on a fire truck with a child at home ” . We understand that a marriage, if any, will be only a detail of romance that Casey and Dawson share. Speaking of love, we wondered if the couple Severide / Kidd had a future in season 5 Chicago Fire! Would you like to see Dawson and Casey married?