Chicago Med: Case of conscience and end of life, everything that awaits you next week on TF1

Cinema 11 January, 2017

Next week, on TF1, we will discover 3 new episodes of Chicago Med! Discover what awaits you!

And after ? Between shooting, crossover and a life at stake, we revelions what awaited you in episodes of Chicago Med broadcast this week on TF1 , now it is the next chapters we are interested and they will announce intense. Indeed, it is again 3 episodes that we will discover.
The first chapter we will discover will offer a real case of conscience to Dr. Halstead. Indeed, as we discover in the promo video for NBC (American chain offering the program), it will take over a patient is found to be guilty of an accident that injured a couple on their first date. Will the doctor let him get through? Via the synopsis, we also learn that “legal issues blocking a bone marrow transplant, Sharon Goodwin must decide to disobey orders or wait while endangering the life of a patient. We also learn that Parents of Dr. Manning come to town to see their new grandson, to the dismay of his mother-in-law, Helen. ”
In the second part of the evening, Dr. Manning will return to the hospital after her maternity leave and cares for a teenage girl who had many medical problems in the past . As we see in the video promo, doctors will wonder about the role of the father in the ill-being of the patient. Also, the synopsis tells us that “Dr. Choi treats an old Navy mate with a potentially fatal disease and it will go beyond its remit to ensure that he receives proper treatment. Furthermore, the Saudi Prince Faisal arrives at the hospital for planned surgery, but only by Dr. David Downey, mentor surgeon Dr. Rhodes ” . It will also be about love with “a budding romance between Sarah and Joey lab. This one seems optimistic, but April might think otherwise” .
The last episode of the evening will be particularly upsetting since Dr. Halstead is not going to respect the choice of a patient not to be resuscitated in the event of death , tired to fight against his cancer. Beyond this story synopsis tells us that “Dr. Choi takes care of two MMA fighters who are brought to Chicago Med in bad shape. Also, Dr. Stohl returns to the hospital after his sabbatical and gives immediately different medical opinions on the treatment of a patient under the care of Dr. Halstead. Finally, April discovers his drug against tuberculosis can lead to other complications ” . Lately, we révélions what awaited you in the Season 1 Chicago Med! What do you expect from the next episodes?
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