Chicago Med: Crossover, illness, euthanasia and final season, what awaits you next week on TF1!

Cinema 1 February, 2017

Next week, TF1 will broadcast the last three episodes of Chicago Med season 1. Between illness, euthanasia and final season, discover what awaits you!
End of season! While TF1 aired tonight three new episodes of Chicago Med interested in a trial, the GPA and a new couple , it’s next week we discover the last three chapters of the first season of the series spin -off of Chicago Fire and Chicago PD .
The next chapter of the series promises to be intense as evidenced by the promotional video unveiled by NBC in which we can see that Dr. Rhodes and Dr. Downey treat a patient with a multitude of health problems and major heart problems. It seems that Dr. Rhodes eventually make a bad decision that could cost the patient’s life . Also, the synopsis tells us that this episode will be an opportunity for a crossover with Chicago Fire since “Dr. Choi spends the day alongside the ambulance Sylvie Brett. When they respond to a call for a man with a wound In the hospital, Dr. Manning and Sarah treat a patient who has been bitten by his own dog, but they suspect that the because of the injury is not that indicated. Finally Goodwin ensures that everyone adopts the best behavior when the Commission makes a surprise visit to Chicago Med to assess hospital standards ” . An episode that will certainly be loaded with twists and turns!
As we see in the promo video, this episode is of particular interest to Nathalie, who seems to be the victim of a medical problem. To the reaction of Dr. Halstead, we can worry about the young woman! The synopsis also informs us that “April and Dr. Halstead treat a man homeless alcoholic with a broken leg, yet they are unable to decide the best way to treat his illness. Dr. Charles and Sarah s Have two elderly women with exactly the same symptoms before discovering an astonishing fact linking the two cases together. Dr. Downey and Dr. Rhodes take care of a patient who refuses the treatment he was recommended for religious reasons. and finally, Dr. Halstead, frustrated the recent events, consider a job offer in California ” . Are we going to witness his departure?
We told you, the evening will also be the occasion of the broadcast of the final season of this first burst of episodes! The end will be particularly difficult for Dr. Halstead since Dr. Downey will ask him to euthanize . Will our hero accede to this request when it would make him a criminal? Moreover, the synopsis tells us that “April takes a punch as she runs a restless patient, but the incident could ultimately prove to be a blessing in disguise. Dr. Halstead finds That Goodwin has more than one trick in her bag, while Dr. Manning is caught up in her past. Also, Sarah’s graduation day is coming, but she continues to regret her career path done for his future. Meanwhile, at the request of Dr. Charles, Dr. Choi turns to an unlikely source for help ” . New issues should therefore emerge before season 2 Chicago Med, which is revealed in a first promo video and thrilling! What do you expect from the upcoming Chicago Med episodes?
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