Chicago Med: Epidemic, new couple and prison for one of our heroes, what awaits you next week!

Cinema 18 January, 2017

Check out what’s next week in episodes 10-12 of Chicago Med!

What are we waiting for? Between cases of conscience and end of life, we révélions what you expected in Chicago Med of the episodes aired this week on TF1 , now these are the next three chapters we will discover next week that we are interested and they s ‘Announce intense.
As we see in the promo video provided by the US network NBC during its broadcast, episode 10 will look much the sentiments of Dr. Halstead to Dr. Manning . Are we going to discover that they are reciprocal? The synopsis also informs us that we will be following a spectacular intervention by Dr. Rhodes and Dr. Downey. ” They are in charge of the case of Ray, a hero of September 11, suffering from pulmonary fibrosis. New lungs could save his life through an innovative surgical procedure, however, an unexpected medical complication appears and could jeopardize the project doctors”. We also focus on ” Sarah must decide from the hospital where she will perform his residence, while Maggie and April do everything to push to stay in Chicago Med. Finally, Dr. Choi is seeking to determine the cause of the injury to ‘A young star hockey player with an authoritarian father.’
Tension will peak in episode 11 when a potentially life-threatening epidemic occurs within the hospital. Indeed, as we see in the promo video, Dr. Manning treats a young patient and her diagnosis will encourage them to take drastic measures to prevent an epidemic . Thanks to the synopsis, we also know that there will be a confrontation between Dr. Rhodes and Dr. Choi. ” They will not agree on the decision for a patient suffering from a fatal heart disease. Finally, the trial against Dr. Halstead continues!” Will he have to leave the hospital?
As we see in the promo video, Maggie Lockwood will be arrested for refusing to obey the order of a police officer and even if we should find the heroes of Chicago PD , they can not do anything for Remove the nurse from prison. There will also be justice for Dr. Halstead who is discussing with his lawyer the gravity of the pending trial against him. The synopsis also informs us that ” Dr. Manning and Sharon Goodwin caring for a single mother and her child 6 months. Only when the wounds of the baby raise questions, concerns wins the team and they will make a decision on how to act ” . The heroes of Chicago Med, for which we dévoilions what awaited you in the rest of the first season , have not finished you live great moments! What do you expect from the Chicago Med Suite?
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