Chicago Med: GPA, trial and new couple, what awaits you next week on TF1!

Cinema 25 January, 2017

Next week, TF1 will air three new Chicago Med episodes! Between and, discover what awaits you!
Special cases! Between epidemic, new couple and imprisonment for one of our heroes, we dévoilions what you expected in episodes of Chicago Med broadcast this week . From now on, it is the next three chapters that will be proposed next week that we are interested and these are looking surprising.
The first episode of the evening will offer a very special case to Dr. Charles. Indeed, as shown in the promo video aired by the network NBC , his new patient tried to cut his own arm it considers not to be a part of it . This is obviously not the only case that will confront our doctors since the synopsis says “Dr. Halstead and Sharon Goodwin caring for a husband who tries to retrieve the eggs of his recently deceased wife. Also, the nurse Sexton Became acquainted with the father of a child transported to the hospital after swallowing magnets – a situation for which Dr. Rhodes and Dr. Manning were worried since it could present dangerous complications. she will perform his residence, but could change their mind at the last minute ” . The personal lives of our heroes will also be explored, especially with the baptism of Dr. Manning’s son!
The emotion you should win in the next episode as Chicago Med staff could face a case of child abuse , as we see on the promo video. A difficult investigation will therefore be offered to them. Also, as we learn from the abstract “special patient arrives in the emergency department, claiming that his heart beats inside his head and he takes drastic measures to stop his execution, leaving Dr. Choi and Dr. Charles finds the best course of action, while Dr. Rhodes impresses Dr. Downey with his operating room skills, but pressure could overwhelm him, and Will receives news about the pending trial, April sees social life flourish and Sarah try to determine the cause of his recent anxiety ” .
In the last episode of the evening, there will be talk of GPA. Our doctors are confronted with the case of a pregnant woman of 32 weeks, having a great reason to do everything in her power not to give birth to the child. Indeed, she carries the child of a couple and her contract stipulates that she must lead her pregnancy to term to be remunerated. Doctors are sure to be baffled by the case when the life of the mother and child are at stake . Also, the synopsis tells us that “Dr. Manning and Dr. Charles dealing with a 16 year old patient with abdominal pain and refuses any fear of becoming substance addict like his father. Dr. Halstead saw a little of its Finally, April will not be excited to discover that his brother Noah is building a business that involves his new companion Tate, while Dr. Rhodes avoids meet her sister Claire for failing to family issues ” .
Next week, TF1 will also offer you new episodes of season 7 of Clem and we wonder if our heroine can save his love story against Charlotte! What do you expect from the next episodes?
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