Chicago Med: Shootout, crossover and a life at stake … what will happen next week on TF1?

Cinema 4 January, 2017

While TF1 has released the first 3 episodes of Chicago Med, discover what awaits you next week!
And after ? There are a few weeks, we announced that Chicago Med would land you in France on TF1 . So this evening that the French public was able to meet with the heroes of the third round of the last franchise Dick Wolf, started with Chicago Fire , with no fewer than 3 episodes. Now it’s time to unveil what the channel will offer you next week. Again, it will be 3 episodes that we will see.
In the fourth episode of the series, entitled “Hero for a Day” , a gunfight breaks out in a theater, causing many casualties, our doctors will save by all means . But, more difficult for Dr. Halstead, he will have to do everything possible to save the life of the shooter. With such a case, the heroes of Chicago PD will obviously present. This plot will not be the only one of the episode since Dr. Manning and Dr. Charles are taking charge of a young patient suffering from severe eating disorders.
The fifth episode will be special because it is the result of a crossover debut with Chicago Fire (already aired on 13th Street), and the story ends in Chicago PD (which will be offered in a few days on TF1). Thus, we will find Hermann, whose condition gets worse after Dr. Rhodes performed an emergency surgery on him. As we see in the American promo video, Dr. Choi and Dr. Charles, the detective Jay Halstead, investigating the case of a woman who was being treated for cancer, then it is not reached . Also, we will see that the brother of the nurse April Sexton made his first day as a resident at the Chicago Medical Center.
Finally, in the last episode we will have the pleasure of following, the synopsis tells us that Dr. Rhodes and Sharon Goodwin are dealing with the case of two seriously injured patients, found on an airplane, undocumented, at risk of being evicted . Also, more importantly, as we see in the promo video US, Dr. Manning felt her first contractions and is about to give birth . A confinement that promises to be difficult. Finally, Dr. Reese looks after a young patient with serious medical problems. To get help, she turns to Dr. Charles. Waiting to follow the next episodes, discover our criticism of episode 1 of Chicago Med! What did you think of the first three episodes of Chicago Med?
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