Chicago Med: What awaits you this season on TF1!

Cinema 4 January, 2017

While Chicago Med debuted last night on TF1, discover what awaits you in this first season!
Many twists! After you have announced that Chicago Med would make its debut in France on TF1 , yesterday that 3.9 million viewers watched the first 3 episodes of the third series of the franchise Chicago. Now it’s time to prepare for the sequel. This, like any good medical series, will obviously include many scenes of operations, often delicate, and cases more unexpected than the others. One of the peculiarities of Chicago Med lies much in his character of Dr. Charles, a psychologist. It is rare to see this type of medicine at work and as episodes progress, the character will gain importance and his opinion will often be asked. Other hand, the stories of patients will regularly echoes with the experiences and trials through which our new hero.
Indeed, Dr. Choi’s military past will be explored, as will Dr. Rhodes’ conflicting family relationships, or Dr. Manning’s mother and widow’s life. Some of our doctors also will encounter difficulties in entering the hospital disagree with patient choice, and it’s all hospital and litigious American system that we will discover . Also, in the cases that are presented to us, many subjects of society will be exposed like the post-traumatic disorders due to the war, the surrogate mothers, the conditions of the prisoners … The series keeps evolving and widening The specter of medical disciplines that it puts to the honor, a principle that continues in season 2 currently being broadcast in the USA. Lately, we dévoilions what awaited you in 3 episodes of Chicago Med that we will discover next week between shooting, crossover and a life on the line … What did you think of the first episodes of the series?
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