Chicago PD Season 4: A player joined the Intelligence Revenge!

Cinema 15 November, 2016

A few days before the release of Fall Finale Season 4 Chicago PD, a comedian joined the Intelligence Revenge!

chicago-pd-poster-chicago-pd-poster-saisonReunion ! A few days before the broadcast episodes 7 and 8 of Season 4 Chicago PD, in which Antonio Dawson leaves the Intelligence, as we have seen in the synopsis and promotional video , the US network NBC announces the arrival a new actor in the police series. Indeed, Nick Wechsler joined the Intelligence and therefore did not finish playing the cops because he was the officer Jack Porter in Revenge. Note that viewers also saw in Roswell, Without a Trace, The Player or Philadephia . The actor will make his first appearance in episode 10, titled “Do not Read the News” (which will air after the long winter hiatus ahead) and will be present for an arc of several episodes, without elaborating . If the character pleases the public, we can imagine that it lasts longer
In terms of the character he will play, he will be named Kenny Rixton, a man who saw Voigt as the perfect mentor when they worked together in unity gang . This character could cause further turbulence within the Intelligence, who will be well proven by the departure of one of its own in the episode aired this week that is revealed in the first two extracts. Also, we revealed that Lindsay could face the return of her father in Season 4 Chicago PD! Suffice to say that this is a busy season with many twists and turns ahead! What do you think of this arrival?