Chicago PD Season 4: Episode 9, the heroes of Chicago Justice enter the scene in the promo video!

Cinema 18 November, 2016

While we have just discovered the Fall Finale Season 4 Chicago PD, NBC unveils promo video of episode 9, which will mark the debut of the heroes of Chicago Justice!

chicago-justice-saison-1-photoComeback! While we were last night discovered the Fall Finale Chicago PD, with episodes 7 and 8 of Season 4, where we disclosure of that synopsis and promo video , we must now wait until January 3 for find. On this occasion, the network NBC is preparing a special evening because after the episode 9, for which we know neither the title nor the synopsis, we will familiarize heroes of Chicago Justice . It is Indeed, via a crossover that will start the fourth round of the last franchise Dick Wolf , started with Chicago Fire . For now the title and synopsis of this first series were not disclosed. Nevertheless, the first promo video comes to us and it is very effective!
As we see, it will obviously be question of justice and lead the series we mostly in the arcana of the courts. However, the action should not be missed with investigators who should strive to obtain new evidence and testimonies. The ultimate goal is to put the perpetrators behind bars! A default of the franchise Law & Order , which we led by many biases in US courts, the franchise Chicago with Justice, could renew the genre! one of the good reasons to watch this novelty is also that of Antonio Dawson left Chicago Chicago PD for Justice. did you wait to see Chicago Justice?