Chicago PD Season 4: Episodes 7 and 8, Antonio Dawson left the intelligence in the synopsis and promo video of the Fall Finale

Cinema 10 November, 2016

Next week, NBC will broadcast episodes 7 and 8 of Season 4 of Chicago PD, which are revealed through its synopsis and first promotional video!

chicago-pd-saison-4-poster-bannerDouble dose! Last night, after a pause in its distribution we found Chicago PD, with episode 6 of season 4 for which we dévoilions the synopsis and promotional video. Next week we reward our expectation and mark the Final Fall, the network NBC will offer us two episodes. Thus, we first discover episode 7 entitled “300,000 Likes” , the synopsis tells us that “Voight calls team to investigate a homicide involving the only witness to a case of rape and murder of a very young man, Oliver Tuxhorn. Intelligence looks toward the Tuxhorn family and finances, as they try to determine if someone was paid to remove the victim. Meanwhile, Stone offers Antonio a job as principal investigator for the Office of the State Attorney. Finally, the cameras installed on the Burgess equipment and Sorensen capture a strange exchange with a man on whom they’re going to shoot . ” As we see in the promo video, the voltage will peak when the police attacked. However, Sergeant Platt takes an encouraging speech on the police officer and mission . It is a double episode will be particularly intense offered.
Then we discover episode 8, titled “A Shot Heard Round the World” . The synopsis of it reveals that “When a young officer was shot in the lobby of an apartment building, the intelligence services are turning to the last known criminals had threatened the police. However, when a second officer killed, the team discovers they are dealing with someone highly trained and above all well informed. Voigt work to keep the case contained, while they face a real war against the Chicago police. During this time, Lindsay confronts Antonio about his new job with the State Attorney ‘ . the twists may be many in the coming episodes of season 4 of the Chicago PD since Lindsay’s father could happen. what are you waiting Fall Finale?