Chikungunya : second indigenous case in the Var

Health 15 August, 2017


Published the 15.08.2017 at 11: 25 am


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Another person has been infected with the chikungunya virus in the Var, i.e. the regional Agency of health (ARS) provence alpes côte d’azur in a press release. After the discovery of the first indigenous case of chikungunya in the department on Friday, an epidemiological investigation was conducted. It has helped confirm a new indigenous cases of chikungunya, “which brings to two the number of persons affected and is a home localized circulation of the virus,” the agency says.

“This person resides in the same neighborhood and is supported by his / her treating physician. His state of health did not inspire any concern, ” can it still be read. Given the presence of this fireplace, the Var has been officially placed, this Monday, in level 3 of the national plan of fight against the tiger mosquito.

Mosquito control

Measures were deployed to limit the risk of spread of the virus, ” by monitoring and mosquito control “. The places of residence of persons with dementia and the places they have visited have been démoustiqués.

“The goal is to eliminate the breeding sites and adult mosquitoes,” says ARS, which recommends to the population to be vigilant and to empty the bins, saucers, and other objects that could collect standing water and where the tiger mosquito could lay its eggs.

The actions of epidemiological surveillance have been strengthened to identify persons who may be contaminated and prevent transmission of the virus. “Hospitals, doctors and also laboratories of medical analyses on the sectors concerned, are vigilant to detect individuals who may present symptoms of chikungunya and report them to the ARS “.