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Entertainment 20 December, 2017

Johnny Hallyday

They call Charlotte, Paris, Claude Junior, Julien… Before the age of Johnny Hallyday, they have also grown up with a famous dad. A work of mourning all the more difficult when the legend encroaches on the personal memories…

“I have lived painfully, at nineteen, the death of my father. I could have or should have made me wait, but I have been struck by lightning. Everyone is appropriate to his death, so I locked myself alone in it and I ran away as soon as I heard his songs. As it was violent, not assumed, nightmare, I’ve never been able to do my mourning. “She is the daughter of Serge Gainsbourg, Charlotte, interviewed by the magazine Elle, in full promotion of his new album, in October last, which was probably best summed up the difficulty for Jade and Joy to be built without their father, when the worship of the idol Hallyday will be maintained. Tributes, emissions, disks perpetuate the legend of the public figure, but it’ll have the memories and the absence of personality in private.

Bereaved at the age of eleven years, the daughter of Michael Jackson, Paris, has violently suffered, between suicide attempts and stays in psychiatric unit. Today aged nineteen years, she keeps her father in the skin, by multiplying the tattoos in his honor, but also the interviews, the rehabilitation of his normality, behind the eccentricities of the King of Pop. Beneficiary, with his brothers Prince and Blanket, with a fortune estimated at 240 million euros, at the time of the death of the singer, the young woman also arises in heir moral, authorizing or objecting to the celebrations.

On this side of the Atlantic, the son of Claude François, Claude jr and Marc, and those of Joe Dassin, Jonathan and Julian, also watch carefully the operation of the father’s image. Management of catalogues, collection of copyright royalties, publishing albums and DVD memorial… for them, It is a full-time job. In a way, more or less debatable, to live both “with and without” the loved one gone.

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