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Entertainment 9 January, 2018


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The book Fire and fury : in the White House Trump, Michael Wolff, reveals information annoying on the privacy of the presidential couple in american. Melania and Donald Trump would be room to share. Information that the First lady had yet disproved.

In march 2017, the rumor of a chilling atmosphere between Donald and Melania Trump was running already in the press. The First lady had denied that the presidential couple was room to share. Yet, the information comes back in the book of Michael Wolff, Fire and fury : in the White House to Trump. The reporter tells in his book the malaise that prevailed between the U.s. president and his wife. “The wedding of Donald Trump left puzzled almost everyone around him (…) Donald and Melania spent relatively little time together. They could spend days without contact, even when they were both in the Trump Tower. “He adds : “Often, she didn’t know where he was. Her husband was moving from one residence to another, like going from one room to the other“.

These anecdotes could be added to the reasons which have pushed Melania Trump to take several months to move to the White House. She had justified this decision by the fact of not wanting to uproot his son Barron, so that he can finish his school year in New York. Recently, she has cut short the rumors that claimed that she had never wanted to become First Lady. However, the book of Michael Wolff reveals that on the evening of the election of her husband, Melania Trump was ” in tears but not of joy.” Her husband would have ensured that he would not get the election. Even the billionaire “was like someone who had seen a ghost,” recounts the writer. In 2011, the supermodel had managed to dissuade Donald Trump to introduce himself to the american elections, saying that it was already “the biggest star in the world, even more famous than Tom Cruise” and did not need more.

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