China : third case of avian influenza H9N2

Health 16 August, 2017


Published the 16.08.2017 at 13: 38


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The virus of avian influenza (H9N2) have infected a new person in China, reports the World Health Organization. A baby of two years old, living in Guangdong province, has contracted the virus a few weeks ago. This is the third case since the beginning of the year.

The baby has developed symptoms of influenza on 28 April and was hospitalized on 9 June. The girl had been in contact with poultry prior to becoming infected with the virus. His health condition is now stable, know WHO.

Moderate severity

The two previous cases, reported in February and may, were respectively a child of 11 months and a man of 32 years. Most of the time, the symptoms associated with influenza H9N2 are moderate, and there is no evidence of a transmission man-to-man for the time. Transmission occurs by contact with animals or contaminated environments.

This virus enzootic affecting poultry in some regions of Africa, Asia and the Middle East. “Given the fact that he continues to be detected in poultry populations, other human cases can be expected,” says the WHO.

China also faces an epidemic of bird flu from another strain, H7N9. In may of last year, 37 people died in the country, 13 more than in April, brought in the national Commission of health and family planning. In addition, this month, 72 new cases were diagnosed.