Chris Brown: Surprise You (The Life) feat Ty Dolla Sign and Kid Ink, a new tube unveiled

Entertainment 27 May, 2017

The ultimate collaboration! A few hours ago, the tube “Surprise You (The Life)” was put online. Tops include Chris Brown, Ty Dolla Sign and Kind Ink. Just that !
So we did not expect it! When Justin Bieber was told that he had forgotten the lyrics of his new hit “Despacito” in concert , his acolyte Chris Brown is ready to make the front page of the music press for his great return . Indeed, his album Heartbreak On A Full Moon is expected for next month . If the exact date has not yet been disclosed, it will not be long. What’s more, his long-awaited documentary Welcome To My Life will be released in the United States on June 8th and at the request of his fans, dozens of cinemas have been added so that the film from the Riveting Entertainment production box will not go unnoticed. And if we talk to you today about Chris Brown , It is because a new title has just appeared on the Web . It’s called “Surprise You (The Life)”.
Fresh and perfect for summer, the title is a collaboration with Ty Dolla Sign and Kid Ink . Safe values ​​of the current hip-hop, the two rappers come to lend a hand to the interpreter of “Privacy” . Unfortunately, “Surprise You” may not appear on Heartbreak On A Full Moon since the 40 track tracklist unveiled recently does not mention this track. Moreover , the title was not shared by his principal interpreter , sign of a possible leak. Chris Brown fans know this is not the first time this has happened. What do you think about Chris Brown?