Christian (12 Coups de midi): His companion attracted by his winnings? His answer

Entertainment 17 January, 2017

The candidate of the game show has no fear!
With 193 entries to the counter, Christian, eliminated last Saturday , has become the greatest champion of 12 noon hits . A beautiful journey that allowed him to attract the sympathy of many viewers. And this notoriety, the candidate saw very well as he told in an exclusive interview to Disney Co .
” My kids are 6 and 7 years old so they do not measure the extent of the media coverage and fortunately. For me it’s something I am good. There is a media exposure that could turn the heads of someone who was ill prepared. But I have the head on his shoulders, I know where I came from and where I want to go , “said Christian. He added: ” I am constantly recognized in the street, I make selfies all the time (…) It makes me feel very proud of my career I do some part of the family of millions of.. people and believe me, it is really fun. ”
Christian also receives love letters or marriage requests. But, unfortunately for her admirers, there is not a heart to take. The friend of Jean-Luc Reichmann has indeed found love through the show . And do not expect him to reveal the identity of the lucky lady ” . We prefer to stay discreet, it’s nobody balance of a couple, it is also to be in phase with the other and we are very well together. Give these clues to my partner were a game between Jean-Luc and me, but it’s my private life. ”
What is certain is that the lovebirds spin the perfect love. Gare therefore to those who might insinuate that the lady in question is in couple with him for his gains. He admitted that this was ” always part of the fears that we may have ,” Christian assured that his girlfriend was sincere: ” In my case, believe me that this is absolutely not verifiable, because I know what she feels for me and what I feel for her. We are very happy like that. ”
Christian participated in the 12 Hot noon to honor his late mom died before her first TV appearances: ” It’s true that this was my first motivation Basically, I do not really think of game shows because. it was a little behind me. “And he is convinced of where she is, she is proud of it! ” I know she is proud, she looked at me and she accompanied me. His presence was important throughout the adventure. I’m sure she’s very proud of my visit and I am proud of paying homage to him , “has he told us.