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Entertainment 25 August, 2017

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Christophe Beaugrand revealed to Yahoo News the first information on the emission Secret Story that returns to the NT1 on the 1st of September. For the facilitator, this program has contributed to changing attitudes on issues of ” homosexuality, transsexuality and gender identity “.

Christophe Beaugrand was looking forward to going back on the tray of the daily and prime time of Secret Story. During an interview with Yahoo News, the presenter has revealed some new information on the progress of the programme. Christophe Beaugrand is proud to see the reality show that it has help to change the mindset on issues of society. “We’ve always had secrets relating to the company that surrounds us, he begins. It can make people laugh but it is a program that can also create a social link. It can lead to debate between the generations, speak of thematic astounding without cynicism. It is the first program to have put in before homosexuality, transsexuality, gender identity, says the presenter, who has still not beaten for not silencing his homosexuality. I am convinced that Secret Story has helped advance the thinking on these issues “.

According to his revelations, the candidates this year will have all of the secrets more or less the same magnitude. “This year, it is more homogeneous. There are fewer secrets mechanised (when the candidates have to believe that they are couple, for example). We have several personal secrets, a very strong two of which will do much to react, develops Christophe Beaugrand. In my opinion, we’ll talk about it even in the serious papers in the aftermath of the launch. “

The host, discreet about his private life, does not hide, however, not the love that he bears to his companion Ghislain he is dating since 2012. He stated in the beginning of the year to be ready to become a dad and is preparing the future room of his child.

Christophe Beaugrand

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