Christophe Willem tells his improvised sex with a masseuse in China

Entertainment 16 November, 2016

Member of the show The Big Heads on RTL recent months, Christophe Willem indulges in some confidences, sometimes the most surprising …

christophe-willem-son-moment-ge-nantIt’s unforgettable. Christophe Willem both the chroniclers of the program hosted by Laurent Ruquier.
Invited to speak relaxation, well-being and escape, each member of the band heads Grosses went there of his story. And it is therefore natural that the artist arrived in June in the team, expressed his experience. A unique story that took place during a trip to China. “I, once, in Shanghai, in a well known hotel, I had a massage with a girl, I fell asleep, I woke up and actually it was just jerk me! ” He confided in general hilarity. Although a little embarrassed by this revelation, Christophe Willem continues: “I was jet lag (time difference) , I arrived the same day and I think she had sleeping caress me and I bandaged . She took that as a good sign, yeah! ”
He who does not hesitate to tackle the Manif for all , do not stop there way. Has he fallen asleep? Absolutely not. Christophe Willem says without hesitation that “no” . “Well I left to do! At one point, finished, what do you want me to say! ” Is he fun.
A comical situation in which the singer found himself, especially as massage it “has cost a blind” . “The worst is that I was doing a concert for the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in France, in Shanghai, and it is they who pay everything, even the extras. So I arrive at the end and said: yes, there is a little trick by cons must you pay in cash! You can not add it! Here you look like an idiot, you’re the very air con ” he ends by attempting to resume seriously. This is called a massage “finishes with” as recalled Arielle Dombasle.
No doubt this story will be found again in the cults sequences of the show.