Chucky : the director Don Mancini says more about what we can expect in the tv series

Cinema 16 October, 2018






For the past few years, the doll Chucky is back, and in force. And this makes us more than happy as the latest movies are excellent. But its future still seems a little confused, torn between various projects a little contradictory.

When you said that Hollywood makes just about anything at this point, usually we think of the films of super-heroes or remakes galore. But the proof that there is definitely something hefty in the soup which would be more to look on the side of the horror movie, and the saga of Chucky, in particular.


The series to come


You are not without knowing that the doll demonic is currently enjoying a double news. On one side of the reboot, started by MGM, with Aubrey Plaza, without link with the saga that should be part of the current fashion of the new product launches of old licenses. On the other, Don Mancini who continued his merry way quietly for 30 years, with the future series child’s Play, which will be the direct result of the last films of the series.

Admittedly, this is a bit of a mess and there is a great risk that the franchise is ultimately its own competitor, which is still stupid, but Mancini has obviously not much to do. The director/producer has just revealed a little bit more about what was waiting for us in the series during his time at the Screamfest in Los Angeles a few days ago :

“We have deliberately concluded the Return of Chucky on several cliffhangers to launch the tv series.”


First visual of the reboot of the MGM


One recalls that in its last minutes, the film was back two iconic characters of the saga. And if it was thought that this heralded a sequel to the feature film, obviously, this multiplicity of twists and tracks undertaken had the aim of creating this series.

“Because there are now so many tracks, it is the television that could accommodate the better. So yes, this has been done intentionally. And, at the same time, we have a whole new universe, new characters, and we can not say.”


Obviously, in Hollywood, there are not that dolls fuck hard


We believe that the secret will be carefully guarded until the revelation official, because one of the interests in marketing of the series is precisely to maintain this mystery. In what direction goes from the saga ? Who will return ? What will be the new characters ? Chucky will he be able to still have several doll simultaneously as in the last film ? But, beautiful player, the co-producer David Kirschner we balance when even a small index history does not leave us on our hunger :

“All I can tell you is that it is closer to the original film, child’s Play, that Don has written. We are new with this concept, with the idea of a child’s play. From there, I’ll let you deduce the rest.”

Thus, the series should normally return to the idea of departure, namely an innocent child struggling with a doll evil and no one around him who believed until the explosion of violence final. So for the moment, the series still has no release date to be announced, there is still a risk that, in the end, between the reboot and it was right twice in the same story…


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