Cindy Crawford at the beach: She is robbed by her daughter, Kaia

Entertainment 27 December, 2016

The succession is assured.
She is one of the “children of” that we have not stopped hearing. Rising figure of fashion, Kaia Gerber while her mom , Cindy Crawford . A copy in conformity with only 15 years.
Discovered in 2015, year of its signature in the prestigious agency IMG, Miss Gerber became more established in 2016. Marc Jacobs has made the muse of its beauty brand. While waiting to live a year 2017 that will undoubtedly well filled, the teenager spends the holidays end of the year under the sign of relaxation and sun.
The entire Crawford-Gerber family chose to spend their Christmas in Miami. Output on one of the beaches in Florida SundayThe entire Crawford-Gerber family chose to spend their Christmas in Miami. Outing on one of Florida’s beaches Sunday, December 25, the tribe took advantage of a moment of idleness. While Cindy Crawford did not leave her deckchair, her two children, Kaia and Presley (17), went to bathe.
With a long slender silhouette, Kaia Gerber has unveiled alternately in a red bikini and a set nudeFeaturing a long, slim silhouette, Kaia Gerber unveiled in turn in a red bikini, then a nude set, bravely going to meet the waves. Once refreshed, the very young top went to find his mother, taking care to remove the straps from the top of his jersey to avoid any trace of unwanted tan.
Well aware that time passes and she is getting older, Cindy Crawford accepts with ease to be robbed by the new generation, including her daughter. ” I just want to be beautiful in 50 years. I’m exercising, I eat healthy and take care of my skin. Women are under pressure to do the undoable, that is to say not to age. but the goal is to be beautiful, no matter your age, ” she said recently in an interview with the magazine NewBeauty . And to be beautiful, Cindy Crawford is.