Cindy Crawford wants “to be beautiful for a quinqua”

Entertainment 23 December, 2016

In One of the magazine “NewBeauty”, Cindy Crawford confided in her life of quinqua and on her beauty tricks.

Cindy Crawford remained the top it was. Charismatic, incendiary and fit, she poses on the cover of US magazine ” NewBeauty “. The opportunity for her to address the subject of beauty, from the height of her 50 years. A quality that does not impose itself as a challenge. On the contrary, well in her skin, the beautiful brunette known for her mole confessed only want to “be beautiful for a fifty-year-old”. An acceptance of self that she shares on her Instagram account. Like her two very active children on social networks, she regularly publishes photos of her and her daily life. An exhibition that sometimes earns him some sharp comments. But the quinqua frees himself: “I do not need that everyone on Instagram emphasizes the fact that I do not have the same face as at my 20 years. I know it. Sometimes, when you are a public figure, it can be difficult, and that’s what you need to work on yourself, “she explains.

Beautiful at any age

Cindy Crawford thinks that a woman must accept her age and cons that come with: “Whatever I do, I would never seemed to have 20 or 30 years. Women are under pressure to do the unfeasible, that is, not to grow old. But the goal is to be beautiful, no matter your age. ” For this, the top has only one technique: an irreproachable hygiene of life. “I only want to be beautiful at 50 years. I exercise, I eat healthy and take great care of my skin. The only way to live the age is to accept it, “she concluded. Condy Crawford now goes over to her teenage daughter Kaia Gerber who began a modeling career through the front door. The one that took all the features of her mother is in the Dutch edition of “Vogue” this month.