Claire Chazal : After the JT of TF1 and free admission, it offers a new job on the Côte d’azur – Gala

Entertainment 20 December, 2017


Claire Chazal was elected president of the board of directors of the Théâtre Liberté in Toulon, in the Var, on Tuesday, 19 December. The city’s mayor Hubert Falco was hailed this election.

The future smiles at Claire Chazal. Since she left the head of the JT of TF1, journalist 61-year-old continues to make his way by specializing in the culture. She runs for 2016 free Entry, daily tv show broadcast on France 5, in which she interviews artists. It adds a new string to its bow : Tuesday, 19 December, she was elected chair of the board of directors of the Théâtre Liberté in Toulon, in the Var.

An election that was hailed by Hubert Falco, the mayor of the city. “The election of this personality, recognized and appreciated by the French is a chance for the theatre, for Freedom. Alongside Charles Berling and Pascale Boeglin, skills, and experience Claire Chazal will contribute to the cultural influence of Toulon and of our territory,” he tweeted. As pointed out in Var-matin, Claire Chazal, who is familiar with the Theatre Freedom to be a part of that, in 2015, at a round table around the theme of “self-transcendence”.

At the beginning of November, the journalist had been replaced by Christine Angot in It is not lying, on the antenna of France 2, alongside Yann Moix and Laurent Ruquier. His performance had been appreciated by viewers : on Twitter, Claire Chazal has caused a craze massive.

Claire Chazal

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