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Entertainment 23 August, 2017


While the Canvas is unleashed against Jean-Michel Aphatie since the publication of his tweet about the colour of the dress worn by Audrey Crespo-Mara at JT of 20h TF1 in the evening of the attenta Barcelona, Claire Chazal gives his opinion on the controversy emerging.

A double attack on the other side of the French border, 14 dead, over a hundred injured, the edition of the JT of 20 hours of TF1, Friday, August 18, back to the details on the terrorist attacks that had hit Camrbils and Barcelona. That evening, while the viewers of TF1 following the journal with attention, Jean-Michel Apathy, him, goes online to publish the following message: “Not sure the red dress of Audrey Crespo-Mara is very suitable for the news this evening “. Very soon, Twitter is rising up in the face of this reflection, describing quickly the words of the political analyst of ” sexist “. Less than a week later, Claire Chazal gives his opinion on the subject.

The news, the former girlfriend of Patrick Poivre d’arvor know them very well. For 24 years, she has presented those of the weekend on TF1. Then, when Tv Entertainment asks her what she thinks of the words of Jean-Michel Apathy, the reporter confirms, first, that the remarks of this kind are not new. “It is always subjected, unfortunately, to criticism a bit fast and superficial. And this is even more the case when one is a woman : everyone looks at the hair, the outfit, the appearance… of course, I’ve also made the object.However, the great professional of info concede that when presenting the news to millions of French, ” it is necessary to pay attention to everything. Nothing is neutral, everything has significance. This is what said Jean-Michel Aphatie to defend themselves. Shocked by the transition to the antenna between a minute of silence in tribute to the victims and a presenter at the red dress, he had explained to the Huff Post that it would have been exactly the same note for Gilles Birch if he had worn a red tie in the course of such an event.

To conclude, wishing not to put oil on the fire, Claire Chazal tries to defuse the situation. “Honestly, she says, I don’t know about the red dress, I think we can commit errors. After, the controversy may be a little vain. I know Jean-Michel Aphatie, especially for his great sense of the policy analysis. This is what I appreciate in him and he knows it “. The ex-presenter of the JT of TF1 will say no more about it. This week, his concentration is already captured by the tenth francophone film festival of Angoulême, which takes place from 22 to 27 August, of which she is a member of the jury.

Not sure the red dress @audrey_crespo is very suitable for the news this evening @TF1LeJT

— jean-michel aphatie (@jmaphatie) August 18, 2017

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