Class: Episode 6 Charlie and the others trapped by Miss Quill in the synopsis and promo video!

Cinema 14 November, 2016

Next week, BBC Three broadcast episode 6 of Class, which is revealed through its synopsis and first promo video!
Trapped! Last night the British channel BBC Three broadcast episode 5 of Class, for which we invite you to discover our criticism . Again, this is a very good episode that was offered, a component that has to grow a little more our heroes and has unearthed a possible new threat, perhaps more dangerous than the Shadow King: Miss Quill . Thus, as we see in the promo video of episode 6 entitled “Detained” , Miss Quill trapped our young hero in a classroom situation and knows a turn even more unexpected when a comet exploded in the room. Therefore, our heroes seem to have constantly arguing. Time confessions could have come since each book is taking a fragment of the mysterious alien rock. The adventure will be intense!
We learn more about this next episode with his synopsis tells us that “The whole band is retained by Miss Quill Trapped in her classroom, they are terrified when an explosion propels them beyond time and space. Trapped and floating in the darkness with no way to escape. Although a mysterious asteroid fragment could be the key to their freedom, it forces the gang to confess their biggest and darkest secrets to each other. When most awful truths are said fractures are appearing in the group of friends. Then they discovered a cold. they are not alone. There’s someone with them ” . We have not finished being surprised by the universe of Doctor Who, especially as the season 10 could be marked by the return of Matt Smith, aka the 11th Doctor! What do you expect from the next episode of Class?