Class: Episode 6, telling the truth is liberating, our criticism

Cinema 20 November, 2016

Five teens and their bubbling feelings are locked in a room. Class, the spin-off of Doctor Who episode gives us a behind closed doors successful and relevant.

bbc-class-saison-1-critique-episode-7-doctorTell the truth hurts but it also feels good to discharge. Our hero did not have time to recover from the episode Class 5, which is critical to read melty , they are again embarked on a new story. A meteorite goes through a loophole and blocks all 5, then in time of glue, in a kind of prison timeless. There’s something wrong because they are excited and they can not help but tell the truth. Their truth, what they say in the privacy of their thoughts, is verbalized, for better or for worse. Patrick Ness enclose his characters in a small room and they play with the feelings and unspoken for our delight . The revelations of Matteusz, Charlie, April, Tanya and Ram are beautiful, moving, violent, sad and intense. There is plenty to do for the feelings of these adolescents are important to them. They are essential in what they really are.
Class, the spin-off of Doctor Who, we waited impatiently , book here one of its best episodes of the season. This intense closed-door, which has a chance to be rather short and well paced, reveals the depth of the human soul. Love, friendship, the eyes of others, guilt, shame, everything goes almost. Patrick Ness, the creator of the series, allows each character to shine . We note the passages of Tanya and Matteusz two heroes, who have had less airtime so far. This episode is well situated in the season because it allows for a very clear on the situation of each of the characters even if for some, mainly Charlie, there’s the repetition. To attack the last two episodes, we now know more or less what to expect. We know that each of our characters are experiencing.
This episode bottle, enclosed space for the duration, so timely. We also key . April, Ram, Tanya, Matteusz and Charlie are undergoing suffering, in the questioning and was sorry for them. It is very difficult to remain unmoved by the torments Patrick Ness inflicts. See get excited and almost fight in them is disturbing. Fortunately they manage to escape the clutches of the alien and the prison. If we could fault anything in this episode is that Miss Quill, played by Katherine Kelly , there is very little present but you do not say anything because next week, we should have a centric on it to explain his new situation . In short, this episode of Class 6 is managed and approve 100%. Even more episodes we would like it. How did you find this episode of Class?