Class: Episode 7, the price of freedom, our criticism

Cinema 27 November, 2016

After putting his protege and his friends in detention, the excellent Miss Quill Class saw his first solo adventure for the best and the worst above all for freedom!

bbc-class-doctor-who-spin-off-episode-7-critiqueWhatever the price, Miss Quill wants to be free . She does not want to arn, the beast in the head that makes him obey Charlie. She wants more and the director of the Coal Hill Academy offers to help. As she puts the prince Rhodian glue with his friends to protect them, as we saw in episode 6 of Class, which is critical to read melty , Quill will live his own adventure. Bolan with a prisoner and surgeon director under the orders of Governors, she goes in search of what it takes for the operation that the release. Is this going to work? We know that yes, since we saw back at the end of the episode 6. But it will be changed by this adventure. Patrick Ness therefore offer here an episode centered on the only adult character in the series and it is very good . Very very good even. The wanderings of the trio in their underworld … and other paradise, or something like that … are rather intense. Just like the famous Miss Quill operation.
But this is not the most important. It’s not the destination that counts but the journey, as the saying goes. Here the tour by Patrick Ness for Quill will shake on the lot of points . It will end up in soldier position again, as in her past life, she goes to confront his faith and his desire to regain his free will. It will end up making a crucial choice. Should she fight and kill to survive Balon? The relationship between the two characters is a bit exaggerated but thanks to the talent of Katherine Kelly, one believes, one feels concerned by what is happening. And then there’s this surprise that we really did not see it coming at all. What Quill pregnancy impact she will have on the character? Good question … We can not wait to see what Class, the spin off of Doctor Who that we were looking forward , we reserve that side.
The series thus continues with episode 7 exploring a dark universe, very dark. Miss Quill’s adventures is still proof and evidence that adolescence is not the only terrifying period of life . Being an adult is not cool either. Patrick Ness therefore succeeds his bet by focusing only on its adult character who may have to make very complicated decisions in the final of the first season next week when Corakinus, the Shadow King will do again returning to revenge of the small group. How will react Miss Quill? She will eliminate Charlie to avenge his people? We hope and we bet not, but the question is: why? Wait and see! Certainly Patrick Ness has good things in store for this episode 8. Always fans of Miss Quill?