Class: Episode 8, the Shadows attacking the Earth in the synopsis and the incredible video promo of the Season Finale!

Cinema 27 November, 2016

Next week, BBC Three broadcast episode 8 of Class, which will also be the season finale, which is illustrated with its synopsis and an incredible promo video, in which the Shadows attacking the Earth.
The time has come! Next week, after several weeks of episodes of very great qualities, invested actors, captivating characters and a plot full of twists , the first season of Class , the latest spin-off of Doctor Who , will end on the British channel BBC Three ! To promote this final season, following the excellent episode 7 Class, for which we offer our criticism , the first promo video of the final season reaches us. As we see, time of war rang. Shadows attacking the Earth and the dead should be numerous. We note that the mother of April and Matteusz are particularly at risk and that all our heroes seem to face the horror! The battle looks hard and death should be waiting for you!
To further promote this final season, the synopsis comes to us and tells us that “Faced with an impossible choice, our hero must use everything they have learned to save the Earth. But how far will they go? And devront- they pay the price? Unable to recover from the truths they have discovered the gang imploded while released from its bondage, Quill prepared his revenge. But they all come together when the Shadow Kin back, launching a ruthless and relentless war. Determined to claim the middle of April and the weapon Charlie Corakinus threatens to kill their families until he has what he wants. the gang must fight to prevent it but this time, everybody does not come out alive! ” this end of season promises to be intense and loaded with emotions! the rest, it will be with the Christmas Special of Doctor who, before the 10 season, which could be the last with a complete reboot of the series! what do you expect from this final season?