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Entertainment 7 December, 2017


Claude Chirac watch on the image of his father, today, as it has always done, since the time when she decided to work with him in the late 80’s.

The photographer Eric Lefeuvre, who published the book ” Jacques Chirac. Behind the scenes of a destiny ” (Editions La Martinière) has worked thirty years with the clan Chirac. He commended the professionalism of her younger daughter, even though he admits to have also been a victim of his perfectionism absolute. “Claude does not wish to communicate, rather than taking the risk of making a mistake,” says he, ” and she was able to block elements of my photos because on the picture his father had a wrinkle on his shirt. All that was needed to be perfect. She wanted her footprint remains. After his election to the presidency of the Republic, she told me : “your photos will count in 20 years.”

Bernadette did not say anything else to Jacques Chirac, in the car, which led to the Elysee : “Now, he will have to enter in history “, it would have launched.How many times, the photographer Eric Lefeuvre has he not heard Jacques Chirac query : “where is Claude ?” or ” where is Bernadette ? “. He has never seen by against the president arguing with his daughter, if not this evening for the second round of the 2007 presidential election, in the office of president. It was 18: 30 and Jacques Chirac, the first estimates under the eyes, wanted to call Nicolas Sarkozy to congratulate him on his victory. “Claude opposed it and the tone is mounted.

Never in the rest of this companion had not heard the president’s daughter to call him ” dad “. No gestures, tender, exchanged between them. Not more than with Bernadette Chirac. Their complicity was passing by a rather humorous tongue-in-cheek and jokes galore. (…) ” All the three are like the atoms that break down sometimes, but is present always. As magnetic “, philosopher, photographer. In July 2016, he was invited into the offices of the former head of State for a small private party. He made some shots. The last. “There will be more pictures,” said Claude Chirac. She does not want the image of his father’s aging vienna tarnish the legend that she and her mother have spent their lives building. And the legends are not of age. (…)

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