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Entertainment 31 January, 2018


The documentary Cloclo, 40 years old, the ultimate revelations released on 31 January to 21 hours on TMC evokes the passion of Claude François for young girls.

For sure, Cloclo was a funny coco : Freak, control freak, perfectionist, tyrannical, short-tempered, possessive, unfaithful, insanely jealous… do Not throw more, while we will celebrate on the 11th of march the forty years of his disappearance. If the documentary Cloclo, after 40 years, the ultimate revelations released on 31 January to 21 hours on TMC sweeps all of these issues that women of his life, he also addresses another.

Namely Claude François and his kind of women. Which one ? Has an interview on belgian television in which a extract is released in the documentary, it is explained thus ; “I like girls up to 17-18 years old, after I start to get wary. God if I have adventures beyond 18 years of age ? Of course, fortunately. But after 18 years, I’m suspicious because they begin to think, they are more natural. This begins even some time before.”

Glups… In summary, Claude François loved “the girls” to both young people and things, and especially not too “natural”. On the other hand, the singer liked a lot the natural. Also photographer of charm under the pseudonym of François Dumoulin, it was in the seventies his own erotic magazine called Absolute, a competitor of Him.

The sessions with young models from Sweden, England or Denmark were held to be in its mill of Dannemois in the paris region, either in his apartment in the Sixteenth arrondissement of Paris. The decor ? The One Two Two, a famous brothel parisian furniture bought by Claude François at its closure. In short, Cloco, it was also quite a scoundrel…

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Claude François

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