Claude Lelouch has stolen the storyline of his new film : it appeals to Gala

Entertainment 13 January, 2018


Director Claude Lelouch made himself steal the only copy of the scenario for its future feature film. He appealed to the robbers in the hope of seeing his precious manuscript.

It has everything a bad movie for the director. Then he parked in front of the premises of his production company, the avenue Hoche (Paris 13th), Claude Lelouch had removed three bags from his car, who had just returned from a stay at the mountain. “The time to do the tour of the car two of the bags had disappeared,” he told our colleagues of Paris. A flying bolt of lightning which turns to disaster for the last filmmaker to have a turn with Johnny Hallyday.

When someone stole her affairs, Claude Lelouch has indeed lost a precious book of “a thousand pages”) identifying the notes and observations taken the last 50 years by the artist. A manuscript is indispensable to one who wishes to put in the scene Yes and No, a feature-length stand-down of 1937 to our days, against the backdrop of political, film and music. ” I stole the suitcases of magic, those who have accompanied me all my life, and in which I get to my inspiration,” admits the filmmaker. In addition to the famous notebook of notes, 15 000 euros-currency-a variety of have gone.

If Claude Lelouch had lodged a complaint and searched the garbage of the neighborhood in the hope of finding his texts, he still hopes to revise his book. “After all, they have my address. I make this appeal. I am waiting for this miracle, ” confides the director who had created controversy during the tribute popular rendering Taulier at the beginning of December.


Claude Lelouch

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