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Entertainment 10 December, 2017

Johnny Hallyday

By filming the punishment of the family of Johnny Hallyday, who had gathered in front of the parvis of the church of the Madeleine, director Claude Lelouch has attracted the ire of some internet users.

Reflex of the filmmaker enthusiast or gesture shocking disrespect ? Saturday, the family and friends of Johnny Hallyday came to pay tribute to him at a grand event in Paris. Gathered in front of the church of the Madeleine, waiting for the hearse, the relatives of the Taulier all had the face of grave and some were swept away by the emotion. Among the guests, Claude Lelouch will not have left a good memory to everyone. A consequence of a gesture that is considered moved.

The director has decided to film the scene with his mobile phone. Some tweeters were outraged at this lack of respect, acknowledging the same to Claude Lelouch smile for his travelling side on the faces of the survivors. Smile or grimace of concentration, only the filmmaker knows what he felt at that moment, when Line Renaud, Muriel Robin, or Pierre Billon benefited solemnly of the moment to gather in the intimacy and the bonds of friendship.

Totally moved”, ” Incomprehensible “, ” The respect is not fact “ : many people have commented on the attitude of Claude Lelouch in messages sometimes hard, sometimes humorous. A huge blunder that could be attributed to the professional deformation, but that many have not wanted to defend. Johnny Hallyday was the last feature film of the director, released in march, 2017 : Each of her life.

The behavior of Claude #Lelouch felt moved during ceremonies, tributes to

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