Claude Sarraute: “All the lam Fortunately, there is still the head ….”

Novelist and journalist made the point, with no filter on his fragile health …
claude-sarraute-diner-du-comite-d-honnAt 89, Claude Sarraute was another decade before it to tie the record of longevity and its famous deceased mom, Nathalie. However, like many people of his age, the passing of time is not kind to her …
” While on the lam. Fortunately, there is still the head that works! This summer in Brittany, I did not go to the beach and I did not even tan because I have a melanoma on the face I do not want to remove me. I, who so loved the sun, I have to constantly wear hats. I would have to go make me burn it all but I do not have the courage … “he -t she said with her usual frankness in France Sunday . Claude Sarraute, who is preparing a new book for next year, has no qualms in admitting that age is difficult, but it still takes pleasure in receiving help. ” It did not work out, okay, but hey it gets worse so slowly. It clings to the banister. There rheumatism, vertebrae that pack, joints that drop, knees which lock. (…) When I have trouble crossing the street, we have regard for me, and that I love. Aging is accepting to give up , “she says.
In his apartment in the chic Ile Saint-Louis in Paris, Claude Sarraute therefore take old age, devouring the news on the radio, in newspapers or on TV but she loves above all his children and receive his grandchildren. ” When I see them, it fills me with happiness. But the more it will get, the less I see myself taking them in my arms, stroking them! (…) They are so wonderful to me. They scold me, tease me. but as Revel [her husband died in 2006, Ed] was there, nobody would have dared impose the turbulent presence of the kids which prevented read or write , “she said. He added: ” I want to take as long as possible of the tenderness of my grandchildren. ”

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