Clem Season 7: 3 things you absolutely want to see in the next episodes

Cinema 29 December, 2016

While the season 7 of Clem will be broadcast as of January 2 next on TF1, here are 3 things that we absolutely want to see in the next episodes!
It’s soon back! And yes meltynautes we have many difficulties to restrain our excitement as family series of TF1 we missed. While the editorial ‘of melty proposed to discover the date of return of the season 7 of Clem , we are totally focused on the further adventures of the Boissier family. But on all the intrigues which are preparing, we must admit that we are especially excited to see three things . Find out which ones!
The baby of Adrian and Alyzee!
We are not going to lie, the couple is really too cute. In addition to having enchanted us with their love story, we felt extreme pain when we learned that Adrian was very sick and that he was in danger of dying. Mad in love, Alyzee held out and was more courageous than ever. Now in remission, Adrian is about to become a father and we look forward to that . If we know the sex of the baby through the trailer of the new season, we are eager to know his first name and see how the new parents will get by!
Countryside or town for Clem and Jerome?
And yes the meltynauts, the sixth season ended on an unsustainable suspense. Will Jerome and Clem stay in the countryside and let themselves be intoxicated by the success of their agricultural production or will they return to the city to allow Jerome to fulfill his first dream? A choice that seems impossible to take and we look forward to the outcome . Especially since the problems of the couple were numerous when they were in town and the campaign had brought them a certain balance. But then, what decision will they take?
The marriage of Xavier and Caroline!
If the trailer of the new season has finally revealed Caroline’s response, we hope we will still see the outcome of the ceremony. Indeed, the party seemed to promise nice surprises and we’d love to know what finally prompted Caroline to say yes to Xavier . Did the latter’s wife finally understand that it was too late and that he was very happy alongside our favorite Spanish? We will have to wait to find out. In the meantime, know that Lucie Lucas may have confirmed that there would be a season 8 of Clem on melty. What do you look forward to discovering in Season 7 of Clem?