Clem season 7: Alyzee and Adrian, what can we expect for the last episode?

Cinema 30 January, 2017

While the last episode of season 7 of Clem will finish this evening on TF1, what future awaits the couple formed by Alyzée and Adrian?
What’s going to happen ? And yes the meltynauts, if the arrival of Adrian had been one of the most important intrigues of the sixth season of Clem, this year, the hidden son of Caroline was less emphasized. It must be said that after a salvo of episodes where Adrian found his family and learned that he was suffering from a serious illness, it was pleasant to be happy and calm with his son and beautiful Alyzée. So I proposed you to relive with me the day … Clem became inescapable on TF1 , know that the couple will again be at the heart of intrigue tonight. Indeed, after receiving the results of his last MRI, Adrian will discover that he is in full remission. The occasion for the whole family to rejoice with such good news after the chaos that had fallen last week with burnout Carolina . And this happiness will give ideas to the beautiful Spanish who will decide to ask the hand of the pretty blonde.
And yes meltynautes, Adrian and Alyzée could well take the plunge tonight on TF1 . It must be said that the seasons end very regularly on marriages. This was the case for Jerome and Clem and for Caro and Xavier in previous seasons. End on a positive note still allows fans to wait as calmly as possible new episodes . One thing is certain, the series will be missed a lot and we will have to wait many months before finding it. But how will the next season take place with the departures of Benoît Michel (Jérôme), Rayane Bensetti (Dimitri) and Kevin Elarbi (Hicham)? Answer in a few months! Meanwhile tonight, see if you followed the episode 4 season 7 Clem on melty. Do you think that the beautiful Alyzée will agree to marry Adrian?