Clem Season 7: Ben and Salome, is this the beginning of a love story? (SPOILERS)

Cinema 12 January, 2017

While Clem’s Season 7 continues to be in full swing on TF1, can Salome finally have a love story with Ben?

Love is in the air ! And yes the meltynauts, after following the love afflictions of Clem for nearly seven seasons, we are eager to discover how Salome will manage his sentimental life. So I proposed you to relive with me the day … Clem became inescapable on TF1 , the pretty brunette might be ready to open her heart since she met Ben. Colleague Dimitri, the young man has never hidden his attraction to that which is like a sister to Dimi . Yet we already imagine that their relationship will not be easy since the character of Rayane Bensetti does not seem to leave for Ben to go out with Salome. But this will unfortunately be the only difficulty the future couple will encounter. Indeed, as we learned in the second episode, Ben is a nomad who rarely stays in the same place for a long time. He will take a radical decision in the next episode.
Thus, he will propose Dimitri to accompany him on a humanitarian mission in Bolivia. A departure that will plunge them into a long distance relationship. How will the two lovebirds succeed in making their love endure by being so far apart? Will Salome go to join him for the summer holidays? One thing is certain, the younger Boissier deserves to live a pretty story and we wish her to be happy. Especially since Clem should also be carried away by the love with Stéphane. It’s time to live the sweetest moments on TF1 . Pending further information, discover if you followed the episode 2 of season 7 Clem by answering a quiz prepared especially the editorial ‘of melty. What do you think of this couple?