Clem Season 7: Can Clem save her love story against Charlotte next week on TF1?

Cinema 24 January, 2017

While Clem has just finished on TF1, immediately discover what awaits you next week in the last episode of the season!
A duel at the top? And yes the meltynauts, while our heroine thought that her troubles were over since Valentin and Inès seemed to gradually accept her relationship with Stéphane, she quickly disillusioned by meeting the daughter of Stéphane who is none other than Charlotte. Already particularly agitated in high school and with Salome, it is already imagined that the confrontation between the two girls is likely to do very badly. While the editorial ‘of melty proposed to discover the reaction of the fans about the new love in season 7 Clem Clem , back in detail what awaits next week in the final of this chapter on TF1 . And the least we can say is that Charlotte is determined to live Clem and his family through hell . In addition to being insolent towards Clem, she will not hesitate to attack Valentin. Exceeded, our heroine will try to discuss with Stéphane what will cause strong tensions in her couple.
For his part, Salomé will do everything possible to earn enough money to be able to join Dimitri and Ben in Bolivia. Unfortunately, not sure Caroline would agree with this idea. It must be said that the housewife will have other problems to manage . So, she will discover that Christophe hides a terrible secret. How will she react? Finally, Adrian will pass new exams and make a shattering decision about his future by receiving the results. One thing is certain, we are eager to discover the last episode of the season that is still very busy. Pending more information, Leah Lopez confided the behavior of rayane bensetti the filming of Season 7 of Clem on melty. Are you looking forward to the last episode of the season?