Clem Season 7: Caroline and her father, what painful past has traumatized Clem’s mother? (SPOILERS)

Cinema 11 January, 2017

Whereas Season 7 of Clem continues to be in full swing on TF1, what happened between Caro and his father? What will we discover in the next episodes?

Here we go again ! And yes the meltynauts, since the return of Clem, the adventures of our favorite family have never been so hectic. And this is not going to stop because Caroline’s father is back and that their reunion will be widely stretched on TF1 . While the editorial ‘of melty proposed to discover who would be the new love in season 7 Clem Clem , back in detail on the painful past that binds Caroline and her father. Remember, last season, Caroline found her son, Adrian. When she was pregnant while still very young, her father had forced her to separate from her child. So she had not been able to raise Adrian and that was one of her biggest regrets. Since that horrible event, Caro no longer spoke to Jose. His arrival is very hard to take for the mother who has the grudge . Next week, Caro will nevertheless resume contact in order to please his two daughters.
However, she will soon realize that things can not be arranged as easily as José hides innumerable secrets to Caroline. We leave you some surprises but know that Jose is a compulsive gambler and that his addiction will put a spoke in the wheels of their reconciliation possible . One thing is certain, we hope that father and daughter will find common ground and the way to forgive each other their mistakes. After so many years of separation, it is time for them to overcome their conflicts. Until we know how this will evolve, discover immediately if you followed the episode 2 of season 7 Clem on melty. Are you unbeatable on the series? Are you looking forward to the next episode?