Clem Season 7: Clem and Jerome separate, what will happen for Valentin and Emma?

Cinema 5 January, 2017

While the sequel of Season 7 of Clem will be broadcast next Monday on TF1, what will happen to the children of Clem and Jerome if they ever separate?
A family destroyed? And yes meltynautes, although we do not yet know if the couple Lighthouse Family series of TF1 really separate, we can not help but think of the children. Indeed, little Emma was born last season while Jerome had adopted Valentin in season 5 following the death of Julien. How will they live a possible divorce? While the editorial ‘of melty announced that rayane bensetti Dimitri had defended on Twitter during the broadcast of episode 1 of Season 7 of Clem , a lot can yet arrived. First of all, Jérôme and Clem could be reconciled even if this hypothesis seems less and less credible in view of the last trailer. Second, the couple could take on him to preserve their family. Thus, Clem and Jérôme could share the custody of their two children. One way for Valentin and Emma to keep a semblance of family unit despite the break .
Unfortunately, things can also be completely degenerate. What if Jerome decides to avenge their separation by preventing Clem from seeing his children or vice versa? Jerome’s father is a very dry and very cold, not sure he will be delighted to see his son divorce . Will he influence him to act against Clem? We will have to wait to find out. One thing is certain, whatever happens, children should suffer a lot when they learn that their parents are separating. We therefore hope that the divorce will take place in good conditions if it should happen. Pending further information, please note that rayane bensetti leaves season 7 Clem and that it is the latest episodes for Dimitri. Do you think that the divorce between Clem and Jerome will go wrong?